Spongebob alarm clock

Spongebob alarm clock
Spongebob kid bedroom decoration
Spongebob mechanical alarm clock

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This is an original Spongebob Squarepants alarm clock, perfect for kid bedroom decoration.
A funny and colorful desk clock with a vintage look.
Height 16cm
Needs 1 AA battery (not included)

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An original Spongebob alarm clock

For funny wake up here is a superb Spongebob alarm clock.

With a light blue design and a funny illustration, this Spongebob clock is gorgeous. Definitely in the mood of the cartoon.

This alarm clock is decorated with an image of Spongebob Squarepants chasing medusas, well actually he is the one being chased.

A fun Spongebob desk clock

This alarm clock is a nice gift idea for a kid, great accessory for children bedroom decoration.

But it will also be a great item for grown-up, whom life motive would be “Never grow up it’s a trap!”.

So yes, this Spongebob clock will be perfect on a desk to bring some funny colors in a boring working day!

This Spongebob alarm clock is not too small, and is quite visible in a room.

  • Height 16cm
  • Diameter 9cm

To properly work this Spongebob clock needs only 1 AA battery, the standard ones. Note that it will be shipped without any battery.

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